Piazza Laboratorio Urbano

Opening and activation of a community center

Palagiano (Ta) Italy 2015

The first part of the project in August was the collective construction of a structure for the space in front of the building, that would transform the unused area into a public square, providing shade for people gathering, possibilities for events and performances, and that creates a new inviting facade for the center. Designing and building together had the intention to transfer skills and knowledge to the new founded community carpentry workshop ‘mezza sega’ that is situated there.
The second part in October focused on the interior spaces of the Laboratorio Urbano, providing a proper workshop, a central space for events and exhibitions and building prototypes of easy to make furniture to be produced by the community in the workshop. Laboratorio Urbano Palagiano became a space where young or unemployed people could go and test their professional skills, exchange knowledge, that would help in a future employment.

A constructLab project, Poto: Peppe Frisino







Working, producing and trading goods and services, always has an impact on the society and on the environment. It influences directly the life of people who develop a product, who build it and deal with it, who use it and destroy it. Every man-made object interacts with many different people and makes people interact with each other. The quality of an object for me is defined by the quality of relations it invokes in its environment from sketch until disposal.
In my work as designer and artisan this is the central question I investigate and play with. Apparently working with shapes, materials and colors, but in reality focused on the people who get in touch with them. Making installations in public spaces, workshops and working with different communities gives me a privileged point of view on this questions and gives me an immediate feedback on the value of my ideas.

Patrick Hubmann
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